We provides Informatica Online Training conducted by Real time experienced IT professionals who has more then 10+ Years of real time experience Our trainers has good online training experience so that best quality output will be delivered.

Faculty : Real Time Expert  |   Duration : 30hrs   |   Material : Yes   | Price : 25,000/-

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Itabhyas online training is the Best  Informatica Online Training in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and India.

Informatica online training will help you master data integration concepts such as ETL and data mining using Informatica PowerCenter Designer 9x. It covers Informatica dev and admin concepts such as error handling, data migration, performance tuning, installation & configuration.

 All our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete Informatica course as per the schedule given we also you to record the classes from your end so that you can refer the classes once again whenever you are required. We also give interview support & Technical support. We trouble shoot your problems while you are working we address your questions during the Online Informatica Training even after the course completion. After completion of your course we will help you to clear your interviews and also assist you to get certified on Informatica. We will give you 100% Satisfaction and We provide best quality real time Informatica online training.

In challenging times good decision-making becomes critical. The best decisions are made when all the relevant data available is taken into consideration. The best possible source for that data is a well-designed data warehouse. To make any new decision or to introduce new Plan data warehousing is very important.

ETL is one of the main processes in data warehousing. ETL means extract transform and Load data into data warehouse . Informatica is ETL tool. It is very flexible and cheaper as compared to other ETL tool.

Who should do this course?

Fresh Graduates, Software Developers, Analytics Professionals, BI/ETL/DW Professionals, Mainframe developers and Architects who are looking to upgrade their resume and career.

Informatica Online Training batches will start every week. Make a call on +91-9030403937 or send a mail to info@itabhyas.com


  • Data Warehousing Concepts
  • Dataware housing (what/Why/How)
  • Data Modelling(Schemas, FACTS and DIMENSIONS)
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions
  • Metadata

PowerCenter Components and User Interface

  • PowerCenter Architecture
  • PowerCenter Client Tools
  • Lab – Using the Designer and Workflow Manager

Introduction to Informatica Power Center Designer

  • Source Analyzer
  • Target Designer
  • Mapping Designer

Informatica Power Center Workflow Designer

  • Workflow Designer
  • Task developer
  • Work let Designer

Informatica Power Center Workflow Monitor

  • Job status
  • Job session logs

Loading Strategy

  • Flat file to flat file load
  • Flat file to database load
  • Database to database load
  • Database to flat file load
  • Xml file to database load
  • Xml file to flat file load

Different Transformations
Source Qualifier
Source Qualifier Join
Source Qualifier Filter
Connected Stored Procedure
Unconnected Stored Procedure
Sequence Generator
Union Transformation
Xml Source Qualifier
Using Flat Files as Sources
Using Flat Files as Source and Target
Using XML Files as Source
Reading Data From Multiple Data Bases
Target Load Plan

Informatica Administration
Installation of Informatica
Installation of Oracle Database
Installation of SQL Server
Creation Repository
Creation of Users
Assigning Privileges to users
Creation of Groups
Adding the Repository to Informatica Repository Manager
Creating Data source Connections
Configuration of Sql server and Oracle Database with Informatica Scheduling the Workflo

Source Qualifier

  • Source Qualifier Transformation
  • Source Pipelines
  • Source Qualifier  Filter and Real time issues
  • Source Qualifier SQL over query


Expression, Filter, File Lists and Workflow Scheduler

  • Expression Editor
  • Filter Transformation
  • File Lists
  • Workflow Scheduler
  • Lab – Load the Customer Staging Table and Real time issues


Joins, Features and Techniques

  • Joiner Transformation
  • Shortcuts
  • Lab – Features and Techniques I and Real time issues


Lookups and Reusable Transformations

  • Lookup Transformation
  • Reusable Transformations
  • Lab A – Load Employee Staging Table
  • Lab B – Load Date Staging Table and Real time issues



  • Debugging Mappings
  • Lab – Using the Debugger

Sequence Generator

  • Sequence Generator Transformation
  • Lab – Load Date Dimension Table and Real time issues


Router, update Strategy and Overrides

  • Router Transformation
  • Update Strategy Transformation
  • Expression Def ault Values
  • Source Qualifier Override
  • Target Override
  • Session Task Mapping Overrides
  • Lab – Load Employee Dimension Table and Real time issues


Dynamic Lookup and Error Logging

  • Dynamic Lookup
  • Error Logging
  • Lab – Load Customer Dimension Table


Unconnected Lookup, Parameters and Variables

  • Unconnected Lookup Transformation
  • System Variables
  • Mapping Parameters and Variables
  • Lab – Load Sales Fact Table


Sorter, Aggregator and Self-Join

  • Sorter Transformation
  • Aggregator Transformation
  • Active and Passive Transformations
  • Data Concatenation
  • Self -Join
  • Lab – Reload the Employee Staging Table and Real time issues


SCD type1

SCD type2

SCD type3



  • Mapplets
  • Review and more Activities and Real time issues


Workflow Variables and Tasks

  • Link Conditions
  • Workflow Variables
  • Assignment Task
  • Decision Task
  • Email Task


More Tasks and Reusability

  • Event Raise Task
  • Event Wait Task
  • Command Task
  • Reusable Tasks
  • Reusable Session Task
  • Reusable Session Configuration


Worklets and More Tasks

  • Worklets
  • Timer Task
  • Control Task
  • Lab – Load Inventory Fact Table

ANR’s, key service

  • FAQS
  • Covering DBA concepts
  • Concentration on performance tuning
  • Real time scenarios
  • Certification guidance
  • Resume preparation
  • Sample resumes
  • Interview & certification FAQS
  • How to face the interview
  • Class notes which is useful for who is trying for job
  • Project explain.
  • who is a trainer ?

IT Abhyas trainers are working professionals from the Industry and have 10 yrs of relevant experience.

  • Will i ask for Demo session?

yes , we r conducting the demo sessions when u need.

  • How i will practice ?

We will provide a software to do the practice.In case you come across any doubt, we have a 24*7 support team they will assist you.

  • If I miss the session ?

Any situation you are not attend the session we will provide the Recorded session.

  • What about the course Material?

We are ready to provide the course material.

  • will i get the videos of course?

yes , you get the videos after completion of daily session.that access for life time.

  • Will i enroll now take a sessions after?

yes you will join u take a sessions later.

  • If i have any queries ?

you will send a mail or give a call to support team.